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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Judy Ann Santos ready to have third kid, but says work makes it hard


RYAN Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos Photo by Arnold Almacen
Actress Judy Ann Santos, who gave birth to son Lucho last year, is ready to have another baby with her husband, TV host Ryan Agoncillo. They have a 6-year-old adopted daughter, Yohan.
“I’ll be 34 in May,” Judy Ann told Inquirer. “If another baby comes, I’m ready. A child is a blessing. But as much as Ryan and I want a big family, it’s hard to raise children these days, especially in our kind of work where nothing is permanent.”
The actress hosts the cooking show “Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition” on ABS-CBN, which is down to 12 finalists: Acee Salangsang, Bianca Dimapilis, Caitlin Taluban, Emman Buquid, Iain Johnston, Jobim Jalbuena, Kyle Imao, Mika Tanaka, Miko Manzano, Patrick Baldosano, Philip Amarillo and Tricia Baylosis.
What can we expect from the show at this point?
There will be more intense challenges for the kids. They already know a lot of cooking techniques; the next rounds will be harder.
You lost a lot of weight. How did you do it?
I’m back to 120 lbs, my weight before I got pregnant. I go to the gym, I jog if I have free time. I also do yoga. Ryan encourages me. He knows how frustrated I get when I’m on a diet.
Will you soon be back doing TV drama?
I’m waiting for the right project. It will depend on the story, who I’ll be working with and when. I have several movies lined up.
You’ll be doing one with Coco Martin.
Yes, we’ll start next year. Coco is still busy with his movie with Angeline Quinto; I’m still doing “My Househusband.” (The movie, directed by Joey Reyes, is for the Metro Manila Film Festival in December.)
Do you feel pressured because your movie is part of a formidable festival lineup?
There’s always pressure when joining the MMFF, but I’m happy to have been included.
Are you bothered about the rumor romantically linking Ryan to Brazilian model Daiana Menezes?
I just laugh at that; it’s really petty.
Your fans reacted negatively to Daiana.
I’ve apologized to her. She’s new in the industry. I explained to her that, yes, there are malicious people, but they’re not the majority.
Did you ever consider leaving your home network at some point?
All actors go through it. There will always be people from different camps who will try to convince you to transfer, but it will all depend on you. I admit having considered it many times, when I didn’t see eye to eye with my bosses in ABS-CBN. But things always got sorted out in the end.
(“Junior Master Chef” airs on Saturday nights after “Wansapanataym,” and Sunday nights after “Goin Bulilit.”)

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