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Friday, March 30, 2012

What motivates Judy Ann

WE seem to be forever fascinated with the ups and downs of Judy Ann Santos, especially when it comes to her weight.
During her younger years, we were kind to her rotund features but as she matured, haters were screaming for her to lose the pubescent baby fat. Lose it she did with a strict diet and exercise plan, and Judy Ann’s star shone brighter than ever.
And then came her pregnancy and when she gave birth, many felt sorry for Judy Ann for gaining all that baby weight.
She went slightly under the radar and when she suddenly re-emerged via the ABS-CBN Christmas station ID, many were positively shocked by how svelte she was again.
We spoke to Judy Ann recently at her launch as the endorser of Eden Cheese, covering everything from her weight to the wait for a new project and more.
I hate you for being so thin and losing all that baby weight so quickly! So what size are you now?
(Laughs) I really don’t know. I think only Paul Cabral (fashion designer) knows the exact measurements but I’ve lost some weight. I know I’m smaller and leaner now.
What exercise regimen are you in now? Are you doing Cohen?
Running…to the kids! (Laughs) I really chase after them because we play a lot when I’m home. So that’s where I get my exercise! As for my diet, I’m used to eating small amounts of food and at regular intervals.  It’s already part of my lifestyle.
Isn’t it ironic you’re now endorsing a cheese brand?
I never told anyone to starve themselves or deprive themselves of cheese. (Laughs) Eating is good actually but when done the right way. And that includes eating cheese. It can give you the energy to workout pa nga e, that’s why I really take Eden Cheese with my kids.
Anyway, you are one hot momma now!
Wow! Kahit kailan, hinding-hindi ko naiisip na darating ako sa puntong tatawagin akong hot momma. Well, they used to call me “hot siopao”! (Laughs)
Do you feel some sort of vindication from those who had bashed you over your weight gain?
Well, most of the fans were very supportive toward my recent weight gain because it’s only natural to do so kasi nga nabuntis ako, ’di ba? For those who didn’t...well, when I lose weight, I never feel vindication. Parang pride and happiness lang for feeling good. Like I exercise not to lose weight but because it feels good. Even before when I did Muay Thai, it was more because I wanted to learn self-defense not because I wanted to lose weight. The first time I also started to lose weight, tinuloy-tuloy ko na kasi masarap pala mag-sleeveless! Masarap sa kilikili that’s why I said to myself to continue doing it. (Laughs)
So what advice can you give to women who really want to lose weight but always fail to do so?
Do it for yourself and not because people are commenting that you’ve gained weight or that you’ll look better because you’re just this size or ganito ka kabigat. It should start within you. That’s what should motivate you. 

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