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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Juday doesn’t disappoint

Judy Ann Santos is a pleasure to watch on and off cam

It was a showbiz press conference like no other. There were neither controversies raised, nor tough questions thrown. The press couldn’t think of any even if they tried. And it’s all because the
celebrity on stage was Judy Ann Santos, the superstar whose life has perfectly fallen into place since she became a wife and mother.

As everyone knows, Juday has had her share of intrigues—both petty and explosive—having practically grown up in the industry. There were word wars, break-ups, fallen friendships and competitions, all vigilantly documented on print and TV. Now in her 30s—married to fellow celebrity Ryan Agoncillo and mom to Yohann and Lucio—she fully embodies the Filipino expression “lumagay sa tahimik.” Former The Manila Times Entertainment editor Mario Bautista said it best during the event when he congratulated the actress for doing very well in her personal life.

“Sa lahat ng mga artista ngayon, talagang maayos ang lahat sa buhay mo,” he said approvingly, a rare statement for entertainment scribes to make. Judy Ann Santos doesn’t disappoint those who have closely watched her evolve as an actor and as a woman, especially not her fans.

The subject was almost speechless over the words of praise, and could only utter the words, “Salamat po, nakakataba po ng puso ang sinabi ninyo.”

Surely as happy as Juday at Wednesday’s event were the executives of Kraft Foods, who introduced her as Eden Cheese’s first celebrity endorser. The approval of the press confirmed they made the right choice for the brand’s official “Eden Mom.”

“Our consumers say they can relate to Judy Ann,” said Anna Sapitan, senior brand manager for the product. “More importantly, she symbolizes the Eden Mom who is nurturing—maalaga—and makes her family her top priority.”

Sapitan and her team believe that Judy Ann will be a perfect partner in spreading the word about “Eden Cheese’s delicious taste and ‘Lusog Lakas’ nutrients, which can transform ordinary recipes into enjoyable meals that help meet their children’s nutrition requirement for the day.”

For her part, Judy Ann responded, “My role as a mom is to make sure my family gets the best of what I can give, which is why I rely on products which I know can make even ordinary days better.

With Eden Cheese, just having it in my kitchen assures me that I will always have something to give my kids that can make their meals special and nutritious at a very affordable price. Eden Cheese helps me fulfil my role as a mom by helping me care for my family, give them the best I can, and make our family moments more special.”

Even when she talks about her upcoming showbiz projects—the adult version of the highly successful Master Chef franchise; movies with Coco Martin and John Lloyd Cruz; and a possible return to prime time TV—Judy Ann’s priorities were loud and clear.

“Sabi ko naman sa ABS-CBN, kaya lahat yan—kaya lang hindi sabay-sabay dahil nanay na ako ngayon,” she quickly added with a laugh. “Timing and scheduling lang ang kailangan, kasi most of my time ay para na sa dalawang anak ko.”
Judy Ann Santos doesn’t disappoint.

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