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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Junior MasterChef Elimination Process, Challenges and Prizes

Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition is not a regular cooking show. It features kids 8-12 years old who can cook professional-like dishes at such young ages.

These kiddie cooks are run through different strenuous challenges until there is only one last kid standing who will be crowned the first Pinoy Junior MasterChef and will receive the most amazing prizes.

How does the Junior MasterChef elimination process works? What are the exciting cooking challenges that awaits Junior MasterChef contestants? And what are the prizes in store for the first Pinoy Junior MasterChef?

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Junior MasterChef Elimination Process: From Top 60 to Top 20

The show starts with the Top 60 kids which are the best kids from the audition. They will tested through a series of elimination to arrive at the Top 20.

The Top 60 contestants will be divided into three groups of 20 members who will face their specific heats or challenges. From the 20 of each group, 10 best kiddie cooks will be chosen from each heat.

The Top 30 kids will face off in two qualifying rounds. The best kids among them will form the Top 20.

Junior MasterChef Challenges

The Top 20 contestants will undergo different cooking challenges to test their culinary skills.

Mystery Box Challenge

There are ten ingredients in the Mystery Box. The contestants must use at least four ingredients out of the ten in their dish which should correspond to the theme.

Invention Test

The winner of the Mystery Box Challenge have the power to choose the main ingredient that everyone has to use in the Invention Test.

Offsite Challenge

The remaining kiddie cooks will be grouped into two. Both groups will have to cook for a group of people outside the MasterChef Kitchen. The group with the most satisfied customers wins this challenge.

Catch Up Challenge

This challenge tests the basic kitchen skills of the contestants.

Pressure Test

In this test, the contestants must recreate the look and taste of a signature dish of a chef.

Junior MasterChef Prizes

The first ever Pinoy Junior MasterChef will receive a Culinary Scholarship from Treston Internation College, the only school in the Philippines which offers a Bachelor's Degree in Culinary Management. He or she will definitely be a professional chef after finishing this course at Treston International College.

The winner will also receive one million pesos.

Who will be the first Pinoy Junior MasterChef? Watch Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition every Saturday, 6:45pm on ABS-CBN.

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