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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Judy Ann Santos Cohen Diet or Common Sense Diet?

Judy Ann Santos Cohen Diet ‘Nabuntis ka na ba para sabihing mataba ako?’ A line made popular by Judy Ann Santos. Gosh. Did she lose weight! After giving birth to her firstborn she lost an astounding 47 lbs in just 4 months. And oh no, it’s not Bangkok Pills she is using, which is big in the 90′s.  It’s COHEN DIET, which is 27 times more expensive than most diet pills in the market.
Cohen Diet, Who is it for?
  • If you gain weight, yet you don’t each much
  • If you exercise, yet don’t lose pounds
  • If you have big cravings for food
  • If you feel bloated,  have high blood and high cholesterol
Cohen Diet, What is it?

Dr. Cohen, a doctor based in the US, popular for the test tube babies study, created this diet program. It is practically based on one’s blood components. A client will go through a blood test and Dr. Cohen will personally analyze it a give you a diet program that will allow you to lose weight rapidly.
For the rumored amount of P55,000, you will not have an exercise regimen or supply of food, just the Cohen Diet program personalized for you. It is a list of food you need to eat, with portions and schedule. If you are no Judy Ann Santos, there is no way you can afford a P55,000 diet program. For more information on Cohen Diet Philippines, you can go check out their website at http://www.cohenlifestyle.com.ph/.
URBANPINAY’s take on the Cohen Diet
First off, there is no doubt that the Cohen Diet is effective. It’s pretty common sense. If you are given a diet plan, stick to it, you will lose weight too. If you cannot shell out P55,000 and would rather buy a new laptop or something for that amount, I suggest you go to your  local dietician, have your blood tested and request for a diet program. I guess our local nutritionists are good too and we do not have to spend that much on a simple diet program.
I say support our local dietitians! What do you have to say?
SOURCE:     http://urbanpinay.com/2011/08/28/cohen-diet-or-common-sense-diet/

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