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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Judy Ann, Ryan shooting MMFF entry

by Joseph Peter R. Gonzalez
The husband and wife team of Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos officially started shooting their official entry to this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival, the light comedy My House Husband under OctoArts Films.
“Yes, and it feels great,” starts Ryan. “At first, I was also nervous because it’s been awhile since our last potboiler together. It helps that our director here is also the same guy who handled us in Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo and Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo, direk Joey Reyes. Juday and I treat him like family already. He put us at ease right away.”
According to Juday, their latest offering is something worth-waiting for their avid supporters.
“It’s something different from our past starrers. For one, it tackles a more serious theme although presented in a comedic way. Ryan and I can very well relate to most of the scenes because some of them happen to us in real life,” she avers.
Ryan says the situations they present in the movie are common to married couples, like having arguments or fights.
“I think that’s normal to any union. Conflict is always present, every hour and every day. But that’s a spice which makes the marriage exciting. It’s up to the couple how they’ll fix it,” he adds.
Asked how they handle their marital misunderstandings, Juday reveals: “We just don’t talk. Ha-ha-ha! Actually, Ry and I have different styles in addressing the matter. While he opts to temporarily shut up, I’m the one who’s persistent to talk about it right there and then.”
“But most of the time, I surrender especially when I’m the one who’s at fault. Yes, in most cases, I’m the source. Ry is the type who will let things cool down first before engaging in a conversation. In the passing of times, I learned how to adjust.”
“If I’m the confrontational type, my husband is the quiet one. He wants to speak up when both of you are already pacified to avoid worse fights. The longest period that we don’t talk is three to four days. After that, we patch things up!”
It’s also inevitable for couples like them to get jealous.
“That’s true! We also have opposite ways of letting it out of our system. Ryan does it climactically, starting from insinuations. But once the issue is opened, he will pour his heart out,” Juday states.
“When Juday is jealous of something, you’ll notice that she frequently visits the set. She’ll bring you food but without your knowledge, is already observing. Her friends are also present to monitor whenever she’s not around.”
“And speaking of her friends, they’re the ones who confront me. They ask as to the veracity of some issues. Judy Ann never asks me directly. She has her army to do it,” says Ryan.
One intrigue which surfaced recently links Ryan to his Eat Bulaga co-host Daiana Menezes.
“That’s right! Actually, it’s unfair to his EB group. They’re nice people and are like family there. Let’s not just put malice into it because they have a happy and smooth-sailing relationship. I witness how close they are in the program.”
“I’m appealing to gossip mongers to stop the nasty talk because there’s no tinge of truth in it. Let’s not give them the reason to feel awkward towards each other just because of this. They’re just working,” ends Juday.

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