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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Judy Ann Santos Shares Her Favorite Mommy Moments

One of your fave actresses turned full-time mom reveals how she cares for her two kids with the help of her heartthrob husband.
Posted on August 18, 2011 12:00 pm by CJ de los Santos, Cosmo.ph Staff Writer
Photo: Rob Carino (main image); Jico Joson (gallery)

Judy Ann MAINJudy Ann Santos has spent most of her life in showbiz, starting off as a child actress and maturing into a box office bida. But, the 33-year-old has a new set of priorities in this stage of her life; she's entirely devoted to the well-being of her family with Ryan Agoncillo.

Juday, as she is fondly called, recently spoke about how motherhood has changed her life. "Now that I'm already a mom, I find it hard to leave the house and spend time away from my loved ones," she said. "When you're a mother, you are faced with decisions that will have huge bearing on your family and children."

One important decision that this two-time Cosmo cover girl makes for her kids is what products to use on their young skin. She recently revealed that her children, 7-year-old Yohan and 10-month-old Lucho, use the clinically-safe, no-more-tears formula of Johnson's Baby Milk Bath. At the launch of the improved product, Juday was introduced as the latest ambassador for the brand.

At the event, Juday shared loving stories about her kids, which fab Cosmo moms can learn from, too. She said that her favorite bonding moment with them is bath time, because even she can play with the bubbles! She also talked about the importance of having a doctor-approved cleansing product that's formulated for delicate skin. In fact, she even uses the moisturizing milk bath on herself!

Juday also talked of the sacrifices she willingly makes to be a hands-on mom: "I wake up at 5 o'clock para kasabay ko sila gumising." Another mommy moment she shares is how she puts her cooking skills to good use by preparing healthy food for her kids everyday.

But, Juday isn't the only devoted member of the family! Ryan has taken on the role of doting dad, too. "He's very supportive sa lahat ng mommy duties ko. When I feed Lucho, he feeds Yohan and he feeds me!" Juday shares.

Launch the gallery to read more quotes and stories from Juday herself about her married life and kids, and see photos from the Johnson & Johnson event held at the Garden Ballroom of Edsa Shangri-la Hotel!

Judy Ann Santos joins host Angel Jacob onstage. 

  Juday is the latest ambassador for Johnson's Baby Milk Bath.

She is honored that her family was asked to represent the brand: "Nakakataba ng puso talaga."

 A fan of the milk bath, Juday passed it on to her own kids.

 Juday said that even before they were asked to be ambassadors for Johnson's, she had already consulted her pediatrician about the milk bath.

 "Just like how it took care of my skin while growing up, it takes such good care of Yohan and Lucho’s skin," she said.

Juday and Ryan have two children: their 7-year-old adopted daughter Yohan and 10-month-old Lucho.

Juday isn't the only one taking care of the kids at home!

She and Ryan Agoncillo have been married since 2009.

She was initially paired with Ryan in the 2004 TV show Krystala.

 Though Ryan is very involved with their children, Juday is the one in charge of bath time.

Next Besides bath time, Juday also shared her other favorite mommy activities.

She wakes up extra early so she can prepare her kids' food everyday.

"I wake up at 5 o'clock para kasabay ko sila gumising," she said.

  Next Even adults can use the milk bath! Angel shared with Juday that she uses it as a makeup remover.

The tear-free formula is especially good for removing eye makeup without the sting.

 Juday shared that motherhood really changed her lifestyle.

 "I never thought that I have this side of me that would want to stay at home to bake and cook for my family," she said.

 It's important to Juday to prepare healthy food that are low on oil and salt for her kids.

 Juday knows the benefits of healthy eating; she's lost 27 pounds since she gave birth!

 She credits her slimmer figure to the Cohen diet, a weight-loss program tailored to your blood type.

 She's also a bona fide foodie, having recently completed a culinary course!

"Now that I'm already a mom," she continued, "I find it hard to leave the house and spend time away from my loved ones."

 Juday took six months off from showbiz to finish the course, which she described as an "achievement."

 She is very proud that she got the chance to show people that "meron po akong alam maliban sa pag-arte."

 Look out for her new kids' game show, Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition!

 Juday and Ryan make a good team both on and off the set!
 Juday revealed that she is the one in charge of the kids' hygiene, while Ryan is in charge of sports and games.

 She said, "In fairness to Ryan, he's very supportive sa lahat ng mommy duties ko."

 She continued, "When I feed Lucho, [Ryan] feeds Yohan and he feeds me!"

Angel asked Juday a question from the audience: What's been the most memorable milestone of baby Lucho?

Juday replied that seeing Lucho stand for the first time was the most memorable moment.

 But then she changed her mind and said it's when Lucho started to dance! How adorable!

 She also had much to say about Yohan's accomplishments.

 She also revealed that Yohan is beginning to show a fondness for the camera.

Both children are featured in the Johnson's TVC; we won't be surprised if they follow their parents' acting footsteps soon!

 Though the kids have famous parents, we're confident they'll stay grounded with Juday and Ryan's hands-on parenting style.

 Juday says she brings the kids to Church regularly, and teaches them to pray before meals.

Angel and Juday say their thanks as the interview winds down.

 SOURCE:     http://www.cosmo.ph/celebs/buzz-list/judy-ann-santos-shares-her-favorite-mommy-moments/gallery/

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