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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Why Juday Isn’t Doing Movies

If Judy Ann Santos isn’t so keen on making movies these days (despite the fact that she now has that enviable figure that makes her truly a lovely sight to behold on the big screen), it could be because she has been busy doing commercials. And we all know that this is more profitable than doing movie or TV projects.
One of Juday’s new TV commercials has her and daughter Yohan endorsing Eden Cheese, a project she clinched because “she symbolizes the Eden mom which is one who is nurturing and makes her family her top priority.”
When she got married to Ryan Agoncillo, Juday became more careful and wiser with her decisions. “Hindi ibig sabihin na cell phone bill lang yan, babalewalain na,” she pointed out pertaining to cell phone usage that can tack up huge amounts if left unchecked.
“Fortunately, with my present network provider, Sun Cellular, they have the Anti-Bill Shock plan which protects customers like me from shocking bills while giving us control over our usage,” Juday said. Anti-Bill Shock plans is just one of the many products of Sun Cellular that suits the lifestyle of Judy Ann.

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