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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Juday Wants Another Baby Soon

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Gossip Girl
May 16, 2012, 3:27pm
THE AUTHOR with Judy Ann Santos
THE AUTHOR with Judy Ann Santos

MANILA, Philippines — My sister-in-law Jane Buencamino is the handler of teleserye and silverscreen superstar Judy Ann Santos. She was so nice to set me up an interview with Judy Ann for my new television program that will air late June on Studio 23 Sunday Mornings titled “Real People” (not ANC as I recently published).
The actress was the perfect guest for our maiden episode. She was prolific, exciting and very intelligent. Let me share snippets from the interview:
1. Juday knows how to celebrate life!
Judy Ann Santos and husband Ryan Agoncillo celebrated their wedding anniversary and Juday’s birthday in Maldives recently. Ryan describes the place as “blissful” and showed me his photo shots of Juday swimming in their hotel pool. I actually thought it was one of Ryan’s photoshoot models because Juday’s face was not seen and I did not realize that the model was actually the drama superstar who lost so much weight by adhering to the Cohen diet. (You only eat foods up to 1,000 calories a day.) But Juday said she has stopped the Cohen diet a long time ago. I guess once you have achieved the va-va-voom body you want, you can stop dieting and just concentrate on healthy eating and exercise.

2. Judy Ann is forgiving.
Juday recalls that in the early part of her career, “Noong maliit na show pa lamang ang ‘Mara Clara,’ nilagay namin ‘yung gamit namin sa loob ng dressing room. Pagbalik namin ni Gladys, nasa corridor na gamit namin kasi may naglabas at gagamitin daw ng mas malalaking artista yung dressing room. Pero matagal na ‘yun, napatawad ko na ‘yun naglabas.” (When ‘Mara Clara’ was but a small show, we placed our bags in the dressing room, when we came back from the studio, our bags were thrown out to the corridor because a bigger star was going to use our dressing room. But that was a long time ago and I have forgiven whoever took our bags out.)
I actually know who took those bags out because I was there. It was the mom of an ABS-CBN star back then who said that her daughter was more important in ABS-CBN rather than the small stars of “Mara Clara.” I couldn’t stop that mother from taking Juday and Gladys’ things out because I was very young then and a newcomer in ABS-CBN. My mom was there too and she was very scared of that mother and I told my mom, “Ma, whatever happens don’t let that woman take my things out of the dressing room. Kawawa naman si Ula.” (That was Juday’s first starring movie – “Ula Ang Taong Gubat”).
3. Juday loves being a mom to Yohan and Lucho that she wants to have another baby.
“They are the love of my life.” This is how the supermom/actress describes her kids. “Kapag nasa bahay ako at nakikita ko silang naglalaro, sobrang saya ko na ayaw ko na umalis sa bahay. Gustung-gusto ko maging nanay. Sa sobrang tuwa ko, sinabi ko kay Ryan na gusto ko uli mag-baby. Pero sabi ni Ryan mas maganda kung may gap ng three-four years kay Lucho.” (Whenever I am at home and I see the kids just playing, so much joy fills my heart that I do not want to leave home anymore. I really love being a mom so much that I was trying to convince Ryan to have another baby. But Ryan suggests that a gap of three-four years would be better.)

Giselle Sanchez is a singer, corporate/TV host and a stand-up comedienne. She will be performing for the OFWs in Barcelona June 3; Frankfurt & Hamburg on June 8 & 9; Palermo, Italy on June 10; Yokshire, London on June 18; Salerno Italy on June 24; and Hounslow London Barrio Fiesta on June 30 and July 1. E-mail her at giselleoffice@gmail.com.

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