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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Juday is ‘nanay na nanay’


Manila, Philippines – ‘NANAY’ JUDAY – What’s the adjective that best describes Judy Ann Santos?
“Nanay na nanay” – loving, caring, hands-on mother. But a disciplinarian when called for, every now and then.

It was a pleasure listening to Juday advise young mothers like her on proper nutrition at SM Megamall last week. It was actually a presscon called by Mead Johnson Nutrition (MJN) to hype Lactum 3+ & 6+, which the actress is endorsing.
ADVICE – MJN also invited at the presscon some young mothers, who took the rare chance to exchange parenting ideas with Juday. They told her their kids do not want to eat veggies. “Pero karne at junk food ang gusto.”
“Nanay” Juday said kids in general do not go for veggies. Her daughter Yohan is one. So she “bargains” with Yohan. She may have her share of hotdog tonight, but for lunch she should eat veggies. Juday said she “repackages” kalabasa, sayote, kamote, kamatis into attractive soup or salad. “It works,” Juday assured.
Of course, she also serves Yohan Lactum 3+ & 6+, rich in vitamins and nutrients.
‘100% PANATAG WORLD’ – After the presscon, Judy Ann Santos stayed on at SM Megamall to visit the supermart and other outlets, part of “100% Panatag World.” It’s one-of-a-kind event, visiting malls in Metro Manila, dedicated to helping moms raise 100% nourished kids.
Juday is 100% panatag (at peace, confident mom), knowing she raises (and feeds) her two children well, Yohan and Lucho.
Of course, she’s also good wife to Ryan Agoncillo.
YOUNG SUPERSTAR – AT the presscon, colleague Mario Bautista noted that she has no movie or TV show yet. Fans, the public are missing the Young Superstar.
Whatever happened to the adult edition of “Master Chef”?
Juday said it was pre-empted by the Teenage Edition of PBB, but a last-quarter of 2012 playdate is being planned.
She assured she’d have a movie and a soap this year.
At this point, her longtime manager and mentor, Alfie Lorenzo, whispered something to Juday. Tito Alfie was serious looking. Galit kaya?
“Hindi galit si Tito Alfie,” Juday laughed. “Ibinulong niya may malaking project ako, malapit na. Pero di puwedeng sabihin. Wala pang downpayment.”
Could it be a movie pairing the Young Superstar with the Original Superstar, Nora Aunor?
Let’s wait and see.

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