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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ryan still euphoric on having a baby with Juday

Weeks have passed since his wife top actress Judy Ann Santos gave birth to their first son, Juan Luis, actor and television host Ryan Agoncillo is still euphoric.
“Sarap! Hindi pa siya totally nagsisink-in ngayon. Natitigilan pa rin ako ‘pag tinititigan ko siya. Napakasarap ng feeling,” the TV host-actor said in an interview aired on “Paparazzi,” Oct. 12.
Ryan & Juday

Julien Merced C. Matabuena reported on the interview, stating that Ryan admitted feeling nervous, scared and excited the whole time Juday was in labor.
“Hawak ko ‘yung gunting the whole time para pang-cut ng umbilical cord. Ganun pala ‘yun, parang makunat!” he said, laughing.
Their son, Juan Luis, will be nicknamed Lucho, according to Ryan, who added that the baby boy has long limbs and with looks that he gets from both him and Juday.
The couple has declined requests to show their baby’s pictures, saying this will come after his baptism.
“Gusto lang namin simpleng binyag as soon as possible, kasi ‘yung sinasabi nila na bawal munang ilabas ang bata habang hindi pa nabibinyagan,” Ryane said.
Will Lucho be allowed later to join show business?
Ryan has a ready answer. He said he ‘ll leave that decision up to Juday.
He disclosed that this early, the couple has received offers for Lucho to appear in TV commercials.
Juday’s mother is all praises for her son-in-law, saying he loves her daughter very much.
“You know when you have a wife like my wife Judy Ann, wala eh, mamahalin mo talaga dahil napaka-dedicated mother niya and napaka-dedicated wife. Wala akong kaangal-angal kaya ang gagawin ko na lang bilang asawa ay [to] make sure masaya siya,” Ryan said.
He gave a message to his son.
“Lucho, my man! Maybe when you grow up you’ll get to watch this, but I just want you to know that dad is very proud of you. Your mom did a very good job in making sure you’re okay and maraming tao ang masaya na nandito ka, and that includes me, your mom and Yohan and everyone. So I can’t wait to spend time with you.”
And to Juday?
“Sweetheart! You the best!”

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