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Saturday, October 9, 2010

10 defining moments in Judy Ann Santos’ family life

Posted at 10/09/2010 9:29 AM | Updated as of 10/09/2010 9:29 AM

MANILA, Philippines - Young actress Judy Ann Santos came from a dysfunctional family when her parents, Carolina Lumagui and Manuel Santos, separated when she was barely 3 years old.
Because of this, she learned to be brave from the time she was young to her days as a responsible grown-up. Later on as a wife and now a mom, she has made the resolve to make her family intact forever.
Here are some of the most memorable moments in Juday’s life:
1. It was like the end of the world for Judy Anne Lumagui Santos when her parents parted ways. But she was advised and guided accordingly on how to cope with the situation.

2. Juday learned to be independent in the early years of her life when her mom Carole worked abroad. Even as an elementary school pupil, she was kinda independent and even prepared her own baon for school.

3. While her mom was away, she grew up with a surrogate mother in the person of her yaya, a faithful nanny to date. From her elementary schooling up to high school, Juday would be brought to and picked up from school by her yaya.

4. When she was already in showbiz, Juday, with her yaya and 2 siblings, elder brother Jeffrey Santos and elder sis Jackie Santos, lived in a simple, ordinary flat they rented on Sgt. Bumatay Street in Cubao near P. Tuazon Street in Quezon City.

5. Juday would, in her early days in showbiz, walk down Cubao and cross the EDSA overpass to get a cab that would take her to her shoots and tapings.

6. Juday's father is well-off in Caloocan City where the Santoses own buildings and parcels of land in prime areas. In spite of this, the young star chose to make it on her own, thus the hard work and hard climb to the top. There were no regrets. Juday is happy whenever she gets to talk to her dad.

7. Juday was happy when her sis Jackie got married but cried when her sister was in marital trouble. She promised to help Jackie.

8. Juday was happy, too, when Jeffrey married his longtime girlfriend Ina and wished their marriage would last.

9. Juday fell in love with the Superman of her life, Ryan Agoncillo. She married him and vowed to stay with him forever amid reports of some kinks with in-laws that later were allegedly ironed out.

10. On October 7, Juday gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy named Lucho.

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