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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Judy Ann Santos’ Key to Losing Weight is Discipline

Prior to her marriage to Ryan Agoncillo, Judy Ann Santos has always had weight issues. Back in her teens she was usually referred to as ‘siopao queen’ because of the inherent roundness of her face.
When Judy Ann eventually lost the weight, it was like sweet revenge. She was flooded with endorsement and magazine cover offers. For a time she was the face and body of diet supplement, ‘Fitrum’.
Even in a detergent commercial, she was shown as ‘boxing’ out stubborn stains and grime.
When she got married and announced that she was pregnant with her and Ryan’s first (biological) child, showbiz kibitzers were one in saying that she will have a hard time losing all the weight again.
But Judy Ann was out to prove skeptics wrong.
Attendees of a presscon for a hotdog brand their family was endorsing were surprised to see a slimmer Judy Ann. From 164 pounds, Judy Ann was able to shed 26 pounds in three months.
Naturally, the first question thrown by the people around her was ‘how did she do it?’
While she is not endorsing the particular diet program she is currently on, Judy Ann credits ‘The Cohen Diet’ as the eating regimen that worked best for her.
Judy Ann added that the key really is discipline. She says, “Dapat talaga, kapag sinabi mong ‘magpapapayat ako’, [when you say that you are going to lose weight] there’s no turning back.”

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