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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Judy Ann Santos at the J&J event

Host Angel Jacob interviews Judy Ann Santos for her “Alagang Johnson’s sa bawat sandali”. Judy Ann said that she was very thankful that she was chosen as the latest Johnson’s baby products ambassador. She trusts Johnson’s baby products that she has grown to love over the years so when it comes to taking care of her kid’s skin (Yohan and Lucho), she uses this brand. Bath time is her favorite part in taking care of her 10 month-old baby Lucho by which she uses Johnson’s baby milk bath.

Why Judy Ann trusted Johnson’s baby milk bath? Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath gently cleanses their delicate skin and prevents dryness, which may lead to irritation. It has 100% more milk proteins and vitamins A and E that gives the necessary nourishment to skin. It is also CLINICALLY PROVEN MILD and has NO MORE TEARS FORMULA ensuring gentle cleansing for babies until their toddler years, and even for mommies.

On the questions asked with Judy Ann, she shares her parenting styles and moments of her family. I smile a lot when she said that instead of baby proofing the house she buys a helmet for Lucho so he will not get hurt when playing. When she has a showbiz schedule she makes sure to it that she prepares the food for the kids before she goes. She also teach her kids to pray before eating and go to church with the whole family. If Ryan is not available, she would be the one responsible to bring the kids to church.

Judy Ann slimmed down fast and lose 27 pounds Now that she is a mom she had proven that aside from acting and culinary knowledge, she also knows how to take care of a child. For Judy Ann, giving the best care and making right choices truly matters

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