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Friday, September 17, 2010

Papa talk from Ryan Agoncillo

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Written by Jet Valle / Gab Fab   
NEXT month Ryan Agoncillo marks another milestone in his life: he will become a father to his son with superstar Judy Ann Santos...and the TV host couldn’t hide his excitement with the arrival of his firstborn.
At the recent press conference for Enervon Multivitamins, which has signed Ryan as the new endorser, he revealed a lot about Judy Ann’s pregnancy and his anticipation for fatherhood.

How are you preparing for Judy Ann’s giving birth?
We’ve been so excited! We are now into birthing classes and then Juday will go into breast-feeding classes. She also does yoga and is now into prenatal messages.

Will you be present in the delivery room? You think you can handle it?
I don’t think I have a choice. (Laughs)

But seriously, can you handle it?
I think I can. I’ve actually already seen a woman giving birth firsthand. It was supposedly for a project, and I really saw everything. And I was able to take it. I didn’t faint!

Will she be going for a normal delivery?
I hope so. The position of the baby, based on initial scans, shows the feet would go first under normal delivery. It might be a Caesarean but we’re wishing for a normal delivery. Our last checkup showed that the baby was changing positions, so we don’t know yet.

I heard Judy Ann wouldn’t hire a nanny and would be a hands-on mom?
That’s what she really wants. But I always tell her that if she’s having a hard time, we can always ask for help anytime. Plus, the two lola would always be there to help us.

How is Judy Ann pregnant? Did she do any of them pregnancy clichés?
Thank God, no! She’s doing very well. She goes out and eats out and around the afternoon, she walks in the village.

What about you? What’s a typical day for you?
Well, there’s work. I do Eat Bulaga on GMA and Talentadong Pinoy and Lady Dada for TV5. But if there’s nothing scheduled, it’s pretty normal. Like, I wake up and then I go to the gym. I go straight home and sometimes, I even arrive earlier than our daughter (Johanna Lois, his adoptive daughter with Judy Ann) from her school. Lady Dada is a series so tapings really take so long, while Talentadong Pinoy is taped, so it also takes long....

Why are you working so hard, juggling a lot of shows?
It’s my choice. I really want to work hard. It’s a fulfillment of a promise I made years back that I want to afford Juday the choice to stop if she wants. Well, thank God, that our way of living is just the same even if it’s I alone who brings the paycheck.

Does this mean Judy Ann won’t be active anymore?
If she does, I want it to be her choice. Not because she has to. I want to provide for our family.

You recently announced the name of your son, Juan Luis. Where did this come from?
Well there’s Johanna Lois, and then my dad’s name is Luis Vicente. My real name is Christopher Lou. We want an “old-sounding” name so it would be easy for the child and something close to Johanna Lois. His nickname would be Lucho. Like a luchador. So Lucho means little fighter.

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