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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Forever flawless photoshoot (behind the scenes)

At her most Flawless

by Flawless Face and Body Clinic on Tuesday, September 21, 2010 at 2:56pm
The ultimate endorser for Flawless.
 E.B. White, the author of the iconic children’s book Charlotte’s Web, once said, “Life is always a rich and steady time when you are waiting for something to happen or to hatch.” True enough, we see expecting mothers all aglow with the anticipation of the arrival of their own flesh and blood. It’s almost as if the nine-month-long anticipation bathes every woman in a quiet and exultant flush, regardless of how taxing or curious the experience may be. This phenomenon is evident in superstar Judy Anne Santos, who is currently in the last legs of her first pregnancy with husband Ryan Agoncillo. Juday and Ryan already have a daughter in Johanna Lois, whom she adopted in 2005.

Forever Flawless Billboard

Late last month, Juday posed for a photo shoot with photographer Jun de Leon for the next installment of her Flawless endorsement. The resultant billboard, along the Guadalupe bridge, evokes a completely different impression from the brand’s other marketing efforts; this one seems more peaceful, more inspiring, more womanly. Perhaps the creative team of Flawless could take the credit, but Juday’s inner glow definitely burns through the billboard’s tarpaulin to touch women nationwide. When is a woman more beautiful than when she is expecting?

Rubby Sy, the doyenne of the supremely successful beauty and skincare chain, says, “Judy Anne is always beautiful but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen her this gorgeous. She’s glowing and dazzling, and it’s a big message to women out there, that beauty is found in different shapes and sizes, in various stages of life.”

That isn’t to say, however, that Juday isn’t taking the usual fastidious care of her body. To maintain a healthy body and spirit, in preparation for childbirth, Juday is continuing her yoga lessons. She’s also taking birthing classes to help her when baby comes out around the end of September, in addition to breastfeeding classes to ensure baby’s ultimate comfort. Although she doesn’t follow a specific diet, she makes sure to follow a very balanced meal plan with mostly fruits for her Vitamin C dosage and meats for protein to make sure that both mama and baby are healthy and strong.

 Without a doubt, Juday is incredibly hardworking, still making lunch for Ryan before he leaves home for work, and attending to Johanna Lois regularly, while balancing the new duties and responsibilities of a pregnant mommy. This upcoming phase is a new one for Juday, which she’s looking forward to. As she mentioned on Startalk when she announced the pregnancy for the first time, the pregnancy is something she and Ryan have been planning for some time now. The award-winning actress cannot be stopped – mother for five years now, wife for a little more than a year, and now expecting her flesh and blood in a matter of weeks – Juday possesses incredible passion and drive that is evidenced not just through her work but through her life as well.

It is these characteristics that make her the ultimate endorser for Flawless. That passion and drive, that unstoppable love for life, that generosity of spirit that she gives her family and her fans – all these characteristics make for true beauty, both inside and out. After all, Juday is known for a kind spirit, a positive attitude and a thought for others – these qualities shine through the physical and enhance her natural beauty.

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