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Monday, April 9, 2012

Mother Alfie’s pride & joy

HE IS enormously feared in the business where most people are callous and hatefully unkind but Mama Alfie Lorenzo is widely feared and acknowledged to be the feistiest of them all.
If he dislikes you, he shows it and is not one to resort to politicking to hide his repugnance or dislike.
His indifference to people he dislikes is legendary but he is one to show his fondness for you, too, if and when he likes you.
So far, the luckiest person on earth is his grandson John-John who’s been spared from an illness because of his benevolence.
If you want him to be happy in one particularly instant, ask about his boy and he immediately transforms into a fawning sycophant.
Si John-John talaga ang kanyang Achilles’ Heel and the one person who can make him smile even if he’s in the foulest of mood.
Of course Judy Ann Santos’ Lucho (I don’t know if I spelled the boy’s name correctly) is another boy he’s enamored of but he just can’t show the boy much of his paternal love for his mom’s perpetually around to give him all the love and comfort that he needs.
Nevertheless, he’s most fond of the boy since he’s the son of the daughter he’s never had.
So, in a way, that is where his world revolves around in- John-John and Juday’s Lucho.
With them around, he sheds off his pugnacious stance in the business and becomes a doting granddad.
Hahahahahaha! Now you know Mother Alfie’s secret.

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