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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Judy Ann Santos shocking experiences

Judy Ann Santos, actress, wife, mother, chef, product endorser and entrepreneur, literally grew up in show business and has been under public scrutiny most of her life, yet she admits that she’s still not immune to shocking episodes that affect both her professional and personal affairs.
According to Judy Ann, the marriage proposal from now husband Ryan Agoncillo is one of the most shocking but pleasant surprises that ever happened to her. “I was always a bridesmaid (but never a bride) so on the night that he proposed and I eventually wore the engagement ring, kinakausap ko talaga ang sarili ko, ‘totoo na ba ito?! It was so surreal,” Judy Ann recalls between stifled laughs.
She says she has become more careful and wiser with her decisions perhaps to shield her from any unpleasant “surprises” in the future. The same applies with the choices she makes—from the products she endorses down to the network provider of her entire household. “Hindi ibig sabihin na cell phone bill lang iyan, babalewalain na,” she points out pertaining to cell phone usage that can rack up huge amounts if left unchecked. “Fortunately with my present network provider, Sun Cellular, they have the Anti-Bill Shock plan which protects customers like me from shocking bills while giving us control over our usage.”
Anti-Bill Shock plans are just one of the many products of Sun Cellular that suits the kind of lifestyle Judy Ann has right now. By putting a cap on the monthly bill for text to other networks, landline calls, and mobile internet, a subscriber will only pay a fixed amount regardless of the length or frequency of usage.

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