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Friday, April 20, 2012

Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath -- For Babies and Mommies Too!

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Judy Ann Santos is one of my favorite actresses. Simple, pretty, pang-masa ang arrive and most importantly, she knows how to act. The first time I saw her personally was during the wake of one of my friend's dad. Judy Ann's face looked angelic and her skin looked fresh and smooth even without make up. Maganda talaga siya. I was amazed.

A few years later, I saw her again strolling in a mall not so long ago. Her skin didn't change at all! She still looks fresh and her skin looked smooth and healthy. Partida nanganak na siya ha. Mommies, you know what I mean when I say it takes real effort to look good once you become a mom na. Everything else seem to be more important than going to the salon or the dermatologist for your me time. Kaya na-bilib ako kay Juday. Flawless eh. And it really shows that she's taking good care of her skin.

It was not until I learned about Johnson's Baby Milk Bath Live Chat with Judy Ann in Facebook that I discovered her secret.

Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo uses pala Johnson's Baby Milk Bath for her skin!

Hindi chismis yan! How was I able to confirm?

Last March 12, Johnson's Baby Milk Bath invited all mommies for a rare chance to chat with Mrs. Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo on Facebook. Judy Ann shared her secrets on having supermom skin plus also gave mommy tips and advice. Also, mommies asked her questions on the spot and shared their secrets and tips too.

Selected questions were also answered by Judy Ann via video and posted on the Johnson’s Baby Philippines Facebook wall. Chatters won gift packs from Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath when their questions were selected. 

Not only that, Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath posted a series of videos of Judy Ann sharing various skin tips for mommies. You can visit Johnson’s Baby Philippines Facebook to view these videos.

Eto na, I have a secret too.

Anika uses the Johnson's Baby Milk Bath for her daily bath. She has been using this ever since she was born.

Johnson's Baby Milk Bath nourishes and moisturizes while gently cleansing baby's skin. It has 100% more milk proteins and Vitamins A and E that gives the proper nourishment so skin stays moisturized for extended periods of time, long after bathing.

These are the reasons why I use it too!!!

I'm telling you, Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath is also good for mommies!

After using it, I noticed a change talaga in my dry skin. It's smoother to touch and feels healthier. My skin's a lot like Anika's now. Baby na baby sa smoothness and softness! It's gentle so it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. It also smells really good! Alvin loves the smell on me! *wink!*

Many women might think that Johnson's Milk Bath is only made for babies. Ay noooo... Mommies can also use this! Mommies and babies can benefit with the goodness of this milk bath. For practical mommies like me, who was used to using the bar soap, might think that using a liquid wash can be wasteful or expensive. Actually, I noticed that Johnson's milk bath lathers quickly. Konti lang ang kelangan ilagay sa sponge (around a size of a five peso coin), bubula na ng bongga. With only that amount of liquid, my whole body is cleansed and moisturized. Sulit right? Not only that, since you and your baby can now share using the Johnson Milk Bath, it's very, very easy na to shop! Less hassle!

I really love Johnson's Baby Milk Bath for me and Anika.

But wait, there's more!

Good new here is that in the next few weeks, Judy Ann will be dishing out more skin tips for mommies via video on the Johnson’s Baby Philippines Facebook. We can all check it out and learn more about having beautiful skin care of the very beautiful and flawless Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo.

Johnson's Baby Milk Bath is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide! =)

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