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Monday, April 9, 2012

Dramatic actors in a ‘fun show’

GLENDALE, CA.-- We watched the third leg of the Teleserye Bida US Tour 2012 at Alex Theatre on Brand Blvd.  in Glendale last Saturday night (US time) and the cast, Enchong Dee, Sam Milby, Gerald Anderson, Rayver Cruz and Xian Lim, with host, Pokwang and guest, Young JV, provided the audience, mostly female, a great time.

They had their first show in Hawaii, then in Chicago.

We know that just two or three of the boys could really carry a tune, but the crowd obviously didn’t mind as they screamed their lungs out on each performance. Even Young JV got his share of adulation, as the others were hotly supported by Filipino fans in the US. Some of them, we learned, came from San Francisco and San Diego, and even as far as Georgia.

Enchong fairly drew some noises, and so did Rayver especially when a woman he invited from the audience gamely did a sexy dance as if trying to seduce him onstage. But Xian pulled another surprise just like what happened at their meet-and-greet event at the Celebrity Center two days ago.

Fans were chanting Xian’s name as he performed, and no one cared if he was missing some lyrics of the B40 song he sung.

And obviously, Gerald’s appearance was most awaited that evening.  As soon as he was stage-born , both front aisles were filled with fans who forced themselves towards the stage for a closer shot, and for some who got luckier, a photograph with him. He regaled them with two songs, and his Budoy antics.

But Sam, for his part, was never edged out by his colleagues. In fact, When Pokwang called him to perform, screams quickly devoured his opening spiels. “Did you miss me?,” asked Sam who just came from New York where he was auditioning for some movie parts for the show in L.A. And there was a deafening “Yes” from the audience. Sam said that he is soon going back to Manila to do a new series with Judy Ann Santos.
As a whole, it was fun. After the show, no one was accused of shortchanging anyone, as we saw a smiling crowd heading for the exit.

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