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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Judy Ann turns mom icon!

by: Justin John Mata | STIR Contributor
4 May 2011 | 09:40 AM

judy ann santosMatch Judy Ann Santos’ wholesome and high-achieving megastar with turning wife to Ryan Agoncillo and mom to Yohan and Baby Lucio Agoncillo and you get the mom icon!

Every mom’s topmost concern is to serve her family, specially her kids, delicious dishes that will whet their appetite to eat more.  However, moms also want to provide their family the proper nutrition they need for overall health. Judy Ann, known for her solid background in culinary, shares with us how Del Monte Pineapples can turn regular dishes to more delicious and nutritious dishes.

In most cases, to be assured that their kids eat, moms prepare food their kids like. However, kids like things that are not necessarily nutritious for them. Dealing with this reality, moms have to find ways on how to excite and delight their kids with delicious cooking without compromising nutrition as they would want to give their kids the best of both worlds.

Del Monte Pineapple helps moms prepare dishes that kids will surely like such as Adobo with Del Monte Pineapple which is preferred by 9 out of 10 kids versus the one without Del Monte Pineapples based on a blind taste test conducted. Judy Ann tested it herself by cooking for judges that are very hard to please – kids!  She tried the Chicken Adobo with Del Monte Pineapple recipe that is “piña-level up sa sarap at sustansiya.” As an avid cook and as a mom, she was very happy with the results because kids were excited to eat, asked for seconds and cleaned up their plates. She considers this a major achievement to see kids eating heartily. Judy Ann says that she finds it more challenging to cook for kids than for her instructors in her culinary school because despite all the techniques you learn, “Kahit pa chef ka, hindi madaling mahuli ang taste ng mga bata.”

Aside from the delicious taste, nutrient analysis shows that Adobo with Del Monte Pineapples has 5 times more fiber that kids’ daily diet typically does not have enough of. This is because Del Monte Pineapples are natural multivitamins. Aside from Fiber it also contains Vitamin C, Manganese and Phytonutrients from nature that help increase the body’s overall health and immunity. Del Monte Pineapples are picked and packed on the same day to lock in important nutrients. The good news is, there are a lot of favorite dishes that can be “Piña-Level Up!” There are recipes for Pork Humba, Pancit, Guisado and a lot more where you can add Del Monte Pineapple to add zest and nutrients to your favorite dishes. Visit www.kitchenomics.com for recipes.

Judy Ann knows her food and the ingredients that go well with it. She is very health conscious, which is why according to her, “ As a mother and an avid cook, it is very important for me to give my family, most specially my kids, the proper nutrition by serving them delicious and nutritious meals. Therefore, I’m always looking for new delicious and healthy recipes that will surely whet my family’s appetite.”

So like Judy Ann, add Del Monte Pineapples to your everyday dishes like Adobo to make it “piña-level up sasarap at sustansiya”.

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