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Monday, May 23, 2011

Juday shifts focus to motherhood

Posted on by Manila Bulletin 


Judy Ann Santos
MANILA, Philippines — While she may be ready to tackle heavy dramatic roles, Judy Ann Santos appears to be still focusing her full attention to a more significant role, that of being a mother to her son, Lucho, and daughter Yohan, a girl she adopted earlier before she gave birth to her son barely a year old.
“It seems that I cannot ‘wean’ myself yet from him, not even for a few seconds!”
That’s a real mother speaking! Nothing gives much more joy or happiness to a mother than her baby child.
Since her movie (no title yet) is scheduled for filming yet next year, Judy Ann has all the time to attend fully to her baby son and her young adopted daughter. She is however preparing for a cooking TV show entitled “Junior Chef” and has been doing a lot of “commercial shoots.”
As a cooking Mom, she made an experiment by cooking two separate “chicken adobo.” In the first adobo, she sprinkled it with Del Monte pineapple tidbits or chunks, while she did not mix any pineapple ingredients to the second chicken adobo.
When the two chicken adobos were served, Yohan and the other kids preferred the chicken adobo with Del Monte pineapple tidbits or chunks.
Judy Ann is indeed a “woman of substance,” or in our Tagalog parlance, “Panatag na Ina.”

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