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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sam to a higher level


Sam Milby: I want to grow; to show my versatility — that you cannot just do good guy roles all the time.
MANILA, Philippines - People see him as a mild-mannered guy whose pretty face reflects kindness. But Sam Milby has the tendency to beat his lady black and blue. He, too, could easily point a gun at a woman without hesitation when anger builds up inside him.
Oops, before anyone frets, Sam is only capable of doing such cruel acts as soon as he starts breathing life to Eros Diomedes, his character in Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala, ABS-CBN’s latest primetime drama series to air beginning tonight. Topbilling with Sam is Judy Ann Santos and KC Concepcion.
“This is my most challenging role. The ones I did before were gentleman, romantic and kilig types. This one is far from those roles but I cannot totally say that he’s a kontrabida. He’s a bida-kontrabida. In its first week (of airing), you will know the reason why he is acting like that… na maaawa at kikiligin din kayo instead of feeling hatred.”
Not a tinge of Eros’ personality ever comes close to Sam. Never in his lifetime would he dare beat a woman. That’s why, Sam feels like having nightmares whenever the role requires him to turn violent towards his family, particularly to his wife played by Judy Ann.
“You will see his grey character; I mean makikita naman na may topak s’ya. But I really find it difficult to convince myself to hurt a lady. It’s my first time to do a role na may ginagawa akong bugbog sa babae. So parang nahihiya ako sa kanya because whenever I get carried away with my emotion during our scene together, it’s hard for me to hold her gently.”
His grip on Judy Ann’s arms has to look “so tight” while he should only hold onto them softly. “Ang hirap kasi malakas talaga yung hawak ko. And she lets me do it.”
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After the take, Sam feels shy towards Judy Ann but he always makes it a point to apologize for what he did. “Parang nakokonsensya ako kaya I always ask, ‘Okey ba kayo? Sorry ha.’”
Sam continues, “But she’s so kind. She allows me to grow. She has perfected the craft of acting so working with her has been inspiring. It’s been a learning process… a huge privilege.”
His profuse thanks also go to Judy Ann for having him as one of her personal choices. The other is KC. “I also want to thank her for the high praises. I’m really honored to hear her praises for me.”
Asked if he feels nervous or scared every time he has to do a scene with the top drama actress, Sam replies, “It’s not fear. It’s more like when you are in a scene with the Queen of Pinoy Soap Opera, especially on the first taping day, kinakabahan. But hopefully, I can prove (to people) that I can do this kind of role at sa sobrang galing n’ya sa acting, na di ma-overshadow kasi di ba when you’re with someone who’s really good, sometimes you get overshadowed, so yun din siguro ang takot ko.”
So far, according to Sam, no negative feedback has been heard about his acting. And Judy Ann never fails to show her all-out support to Sam during those taping days when the latter finds his dialogues too tough to deliver. “She’s always been so bait sa akin, she’s so patient to me.”
To this day, Sam works hard in polishing his Tagalog. He relates that he is trying to perfect those tongue twisters his instructor is asking him to recite as fast as he can. He is truly bent on improving himself as an actor.
“I really want to show that I’m taking it (acting) seriously; that I really want to improve my craft and I’d like to show that I can do this kind of role.”
Isn’t he worried that he can no longer play wholesome after this?
“You have to take a risk. You have to take something out of character because it’s the only way you can prove your potential. I want to grow; to show my versatility — that you cannot just do good (guy roles) all the time,” Sam replies.
(Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala, directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng, Tots Sanchez-Mariscal and Malu Sevilla, is part of ABS-CBN’s celebration of 60 years in Philippine TV. It also stars Tirso Cruz III, Coney Reyes, Susan Africa, Mylene Dizon, Matet de Leon, Empress, Bryan Termulo and Joseph Marco.)

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