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Sunday, June 16, 2013

KC credits Judy Ann for her change of image


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‘She told me   I should consider it a challenge na mag-iba ang image. – KC Concepcion’
KC Concepcion doubts if she would have agreed to play a kontrabida to Judy Ann Santos in the new series, “Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala,” had not the latter herself convinced her to do it.
“She told me   I should consider it a challenge na mag-iba ang image,” KC said. “And I’m glad I followed her advice.”
Funny, but on their first taping day, KC experienced something that she said she will remember for a long time. 
She related: “Unang eksena naming magkasama ni Ate Juday ay ‘yung sasampalin niya ako. She asked me if I was game. Sagot ko, oo naman. Ang ‘di ko in-anticipate – dahil supposedly confrontation ang mamagitan sa amin – madadala siya ng kanyang emotions. She was supposed to be tremendously mad at me kaya napasobrang lakas ang sampal niya. Feeling ko nga, nabingi ako. It was so strong a sampal that nasaktan talaga ko.
“In that particular scene, I was not supposed to cry. But I cried profusely. When our director shouted cut, kaagad, Ate Judy came to me and apologized. Sabi niya, ‘di niya sinasadya. And I understood her,” KC further stated.
In “Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala,” she plays Alexis, the woman who comes between Anessa and Eros, played by Judy Ann and Sam Milby. Alexis is very obsessed with Eros and in one of their scenes together, they had to share a torrid kiss.
“Hindi sa nagmamalinis ako, ha,” she remarked with a shy smile. “But, at 28, that was my first experience na mahalikan ng lalaki, in real or reel life, na torrid.”
KC is glad, she added, that she had Sam, her good friend, as her partner.

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