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Monday, October 10, 2011

Ryan And Judy Ann Comments On Rumours About Their Relationship

Ryan And Judy Ann Comments On Rumours About Their Relationship
For more than two years as a married couple, Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos, there has been a lot of issues that come across their relationship.
Issues about them never seem to seize specially the one about them always arguing.
Judy Ann Santos admits that there are fights that come their way but then that is just normal for a married couple.
According to Ryan Agoncillo they don’t fight that often and sometimes they even intend to do it just to have one.
One of the most famous issues linked to their relationship is about the rumour about Diana Menezes and Ryan Agoncillo. The two are co-workers in Eat Bulaga! and issues about them never seem to end.
When asked if Juday felt jealous about this issue she said that there was no reason to be. She says she even feels sorry for Diana being dragged into this mess. She knows that her and Ryan are very good friends and that’s why Juday feels ashamed that Diana had this kind of trouble because of them.

Ryan also had a take on the issue and he said that he has been telling Diana that she has to shake the issue off. He always explains to the Brazilian actress that it is common to the Filipinos to take on issues like that but being a foreigner, sometimes she gets affected that’s why Ryan says he has to explain things to her to calm her off.

Meanwhile Juday also asked for apology to Diana and says that it would be fun if the three of them can be friends.

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