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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Juday not moving to TV5

by Joseph Peter R. Gonzalez
Asked about the possibility of moving to TV5 since her husband Ryan Agoncillo is doing very well there, Judy Ann Santos states: “I don’t see it happening at this point. Of course, as stars, we have our choices. But in my case, I’m still okay working with ABS-CBN 2. In fact, I’m so happy with the latest project they’ve given me: Junior MasterChef. I really enjoy doing it because it’s so light and fun.”
Many of her avid fans miss her doing a soap opera.
“I know! My last was Habang May Buhay which wrapped up May of last year. But my followers need not worry because it’s stipulated in my contract with the Kapamilya that I’ll do a tele-serye. So, let’s wait and see!”
The popular actress points out though that her next soap should not be mediocre.
“I’m still waiting for a good material. At this point, I’m particular with the story. Is it fresh and interesting, something that I haven’t done before? You see, I’ve been doing tele-seryes for the longest time now. I want my next to be on a grand scale and not just for the sake of having a show.
“I can see that as of now, ABS-CBN has lots of able talents who are fielded in the network’s elite lineup of soaps. They are doing well. In my case, I’m just after quality. So if a very good material surfaces and suits me well, then go!” says Juday.
Speaking of possible projects, fans are also eager to see her and perennial screen partner Piolo Pascual in a big-budgeted movie once again.
“Actually, I’m always asked about that. On my end, there’s no problem. If there’s a meaty project available out there, then, we can sit down and discuss. I’m open to the idea.
“Especially now that Piolo and I have already buried the hatchet, so to speak, I see no reason why we can’t work together again. We’ve already settled our past issues. We’re more mature now. I’m certain there’s still something we can offer the viewing public.
“The thing is, it’s hard to make a project opposite him right now. After all that we’ve gone through, it would be inevitable for some people to think that we’ll be using each other to make the headlines once more. I don’t want the public to tag us as ‘has-beens’ that’s why we need to reunite on screen.
“For now, it is better that we’re on our own. Yes, we can still do a film but not this soon. Anyway, we’re still doing well independently. At least, we can do projects that we really want, right?”
Apart from Junior MasterChef, the award-winning actress is presently busy shooting for her upcoming potboiler along with hubby Ryan under OctoArts Films titled My House Husband.
“It’s an official entry to the 2011 Metro Manila Film Festival which is directed by Jose Javier Reyes. It’s exciting since after Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo and Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo, Ry and I are back in the MMFF scene. But to correct the wrong notion, this is not a sequel to the first two. This is a new story. But rest assured, it’s as equally appealing and entertaining,” ends Judy Ann.

SOURCE:  http://www.manilastandardtoday.com/insideEntertainment.htm?f=2011/october/13/entertainment2.isx&d=2011/october/13

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