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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Judy Ann and Ryan Agoncillo uncover marriage bliss secrets

by Diana A. Uy

Two years into the marriage and Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo have found the secret to a happy union: Always have two separate blankets in bed.

“Kasi nag-aagawan kami sa kumot hanggang sa kinabukasan inaaway niya ako (we keep fighting over who gets the blanket. Sometimes it even carries over to the next day,)’’ says Santos, during the launch of Samsung’s latest air conditioners. The popular couple are the new endorsers of the electronics giant.

Agoncillo echoes the sentiment.

“We discovered that a few months into the marriage. Juday would hog the blanket, it doesn’t matter whether the blanket is big or small, she gets it all. I always end up with a cough the next day because my back gets exposed to the cold. So we decided, separate blankets for us,’’ he laughs.

The couple, who married in a fairytale ceremony last April 28, 2009 after nearly four years of being together, now have two kids—Yohan, six, and Lucio, five months—but still consider themselves newlyweds.

“I love it,’’ gushes Santos, referring to her current status as wife, mother and homemaker.

‘‘I am very relaxed. I am very contented with what I have now. Ayos na ayos ako.’’

“I’m happy as long as she’s happy,’’ says Agoncillo. “As long as she’s happy with what she’s doing... and she’s not bored or not deprived of what she wants to do then I’m okay. I can see how devoted she is to the kids.’’

This mutual concern for each other has made the couple ideal endorsers for Samsung’s latest line of digital appliances, including its latest eco-friendly, split-type, virus-safe which are perfect for the couple’s growing family.

Samsung’s new air conditioners are energy-efficient allowing users to save up to 50 percent in the electricity bill. The models were also designed to eliminate biological contaminants in the air such as viruses and bacteria through its revolutionary micro plasma ionizing technology.

Domestic diva

Santos, who took a break from her showbiz commitments to devote her time and attention to her family, is the picture of domestic bliss as she describes her typical day, which starts early in the morning. She checks up on Lucio, gives him a bath and then plays with Yohan right after. A family nurse sometimes helps her take care of her kids, alleviating some of the stress that motherly duties bring.

The drama princess sometimes cooks for her husband as well, depending on his diet and activity for the day.

“If he doesn’t have any duties on Eat Bulaga, or if he’s not on a diet, I’m the one who cooks for him. It depends on what his activities are for the day, say for example, he has taping for Talentadong Pinoy, I prepare the appropriate meals. Sometimes I prepare up to three separate meals. Ryan is not a picky eater, so I am able to find ways to work with his diet.’’

Santos is an accomplished chef, having earned a diploma from the Center for Asian Culinary Studies. In fact, she is set to host Junior Master Chef Pinoy Edition on ABS-CBN soon.

Room for improvement

Juday and Ryan appear to have transitioned fairly well into wedded bliss. Upon further probing however, both argue that, like most young married couples they are still adjusting to the new changes in their relationship routine and activities. Discovering new things about each other, they say, is a continuous process.

‘‘Decision making is a little more complicated, a little more complex now because we can’t just get up and go if we want to see a movie or travel abroad or go on a road trip,’’ shares Agoncillo.

He shares he has learned to be less abrasive now, following his wife’s lead in the art of subtle persuasion. ‘‘I learn a lot from her. I get to observe how she gets her way with people.’’

For her part, Santos appreciates the fact that not only has she gained a husband, she now has a 24/7 consultant/advisor as well. “He tells me the pros and cons of every issue and gives me a clear idea of my choices,’’ she avers.

Fringe benefits

All things considered, Juday and Ryan are thankful that they have known each other for as long as they did before getting hitched. Juday confesses that she is already used to picking up Ryan’s clothes left scattered, one-by-one, all over their home once he gets back from work. Not even his snoring bothers her anymore. Juday says she is not the OC (obsessive compulsive) or nagger type.

Ryan, meanwhile, now welcomes his wife’s sudden cravings in the middle of the night and Juday is not even pregnant. Or the fact that when Juday is really hungry, she sometimes forgets to “serve’’ Ryan at the dining table when normally she would see to it that her husband has his plate full first.

On the brighter side, both Juday and Ryan agree that family life has made them more creative and spontaneous with their relationship, keeping the flame burning.

Both like giving little surprises to each other once in a while: A fine dining dinner by their garden courtesy of Juday, for instance; or a surprise trip to China thanks to a well-conceived plan by Ryan.

The Agoncillos allow themselves small quarrels, too, simply because they want to.

“We actually try to come up with something to argue about [sometimes] because maganda rin na nag-aasarin ng konti. There's a lot of humor to it afterwards. Once in a while we try to give each other a hassle just for the heck of it,’’ says Ryan.

“We don't really plan,’’ says Juday. “We just live our life. A lot of things [can] happen in a month, for example. Something comes up and then you have to talk about it and then something comes up again. So we have to adjust to what's there.’’

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