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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gov. ER Ejercito blames Kris Aquino for Dingdong's Best Actor win

STAR CIRCUIT By Ricky L. Calderon (The Freeman) Updated January 06, 2012 12:00 AM

Is it still an issue for Governor Jeorge "E.R." Ejercito, losing the best actor award at the 37th Metro ManilaFilm Festival for his movie "Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story"?

At the victory party that he had for the success of Manila Kingpin (which won 11 awards including Best Picture and the Gatpuno Antonio Villegas Cultural Award), Gov. ER took Kris Aquino to task for saying that she'd stake her family's name that Dingdong Dantes would win the best actor award. Kris' words proved prophetic as Dingdong indeed won as best actor, beating Gov. E.R., Ryan Agoncillo, Vic Sotto and Jericho Rosales.

Gov. E. R. feels that the members of the jury were influenced by the statements of Kris with regards to Dingdong winning the best actor trophy. Well, Kris has the prerogative to say her opinion. After all, we are all entitled to our opinion. If her statements did influence, in some way, the jurors then we believe it is not solely the fault of Kris. The jurors who chose to be influenced by Kris' statements should be faulted as well, that is if they allowed themselves to be influenced by Kris in voting for Dingdong as best actor.

Please remember that the composition of the jurors of the MMFF also had common people like a bus driver, a teacher, a student, among others, aside from five others who came from the film industry. If the common people who were part of the jury were the ones who were influenced by Kris in voting for Dingdong, then these jury members should also be taken to task.

Anyway, the awards night is over and the trophy had been won by Dingdong. We understand Gov. E. R.'s sentiment that it is a bitter pill to swallow that Manila Kingpin won majority of the awards but he lost to the most important award that he'd hope to win - the best actor trophy.

In our honest opinion, while Gov. E. R. and Dingdong were good in their respective roles, for us the rightful best actor winner in the filmfest should be Ryan Agoncillo, for his effortless, no non-sense performance in "My Househusband: Ikaw Na." Simple but heartfelt.

Judy Ann Santos is also our winner for best actress for the same movie although we don't have any misgivings with regards to Maricel Soriano winning the award for Yesterday, Today Tomorrow. But honestly, we liked Judy Ann's effortless acting even if other people might say that Juday's role is lighweight compared to the role played by Maricel.

But we'd like to wish Gov. E. R. good luck. The awards season is starting soon. He can look forward to getting acting nominations for "Manila Kingpin" but he'd be up for a bigger competition since the scope is expanded as it covers all films shown the whole year. That means more rivals for acting recognition.

Gov. E. R. also gave a good performance but we are just wondering, if the film version that was made by Director Tikoy Aguiluz was the one shown instead, what could have been Gov. E. R. chances of winning? We have been reading quite a number of comments in various Facebook accounts, saying that the governor's chances of winning would probably been better had Direk Tikoy's version of "Manila Kingpin" was the one shown.

A question begs to be answered. Since Direk Tikoy and Gov. E. R. had been talking already after the controversy initiated by their misunderstanding regarding the move of Gov. E. R. and Scenema Concepts to reedit the film without Direk Tikoy's knowledge, will there be a chance for a Director's Cut of Manila Kingpin to be released, as many people on the Net have been requesting? In fact, there was an online petition requesting that a Director's Cut of the film be made and be shown as well.

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