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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Another baby for Judy Ann?

by Joseph Peter R. Conzalez 

Judy Ann Santos is open to having another baby in the very near future. The she admitted in a recent phone interview.

“Actually, Ryan (Agoncillo) and I discussed about it already even before I gave birth to our first born Lucho. For one, I’m not getting any younger. I’m already 32. A second pregnancy might be hard. 

“We’ll see. Perhaps, I need to go back to showbiz in the mean time, busy myself with work and take a vacation if ever I get pregnant once again. Just like what I did in Lucho’s case. But definitely, I would love to have another baby again,” she says.

Many are curious to know how many children she dreams of having.

“Three to four will be ideal. I grew up with a brother and a sister so you can just imagine how happy my childhood was. In our family, since our age gaps aren’t that wide, my siblings and I grew up treating our mom like a barkada. That’s what I want to happen to me and my children Yohann and Lucho.”

Speaking of Lucho who is a month and two weeks old, Juday reveals some advertisers are already considering him for product endorsements.

“That’s right! There are lots of inquiries. Some want to set up a meeting right away. But at this point, Rye and I don’t want him to experience showbiz this early. We want him to have a normal childhood as much as possible. But I’m not closing the doors totally. Let’s see,” she avers.

The popular actress wants to thank those who understood if she and Ryan chose a quiet baptismal celebration for their son.

“Yes. I know there are some who felt disappointed. But I apologize because this is what we really wanted: a simple occasion sans fanfare. I hope they respect our decision.”

The public wonder what physical features Lucio inherited from her and Ryan.

“Definitely, he has a strong resemblance to Rye. But the robust cheeks are mine. Ha-ha-ha! He’s really a darling!”

The fans are waiting when she’ll resume her acting career.

“As of now, I’m starting to go out of the house to do some errands. But I can’t stand being away from Lucho that long. I feel like having a separation anxiety when I leave him at home. I don’t want to miss any single development in him. These are moments that money can’t buy.

“With regard to my comeback, I guess it’ll happen next year. I feel it’s just perfect timing. Apart from giving me ample time to enjoy motherhood, it also allows me to get slimmer to look like a leading lady again. To all my fans, thank you for waiting. See you in 2011!” ends Judy Ann.

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