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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


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Judy Ann Santos - Agoncillo


1) How would you describe your fashion style?

Naku, wala ‘ata nun. Very casual ako. Jeans person talaga ako. Jeans, shirt and flats. Pag sinipag ako, mag dre-dress ako.

2) What piece of clothing and/or accessory is indispensable to you?

My wedding ring, of course. My engagement ring and my watch. Kami ni Ry kasi we love wearing “his and hers” watches. Yun first watch na reglao nya sa akin Oris na silver, and another na yellow and another na black. Mahilig talaga ako sa mga malaking men’s watch. “His and his” pala ang suot namin ni Ry. [laughs]

3) What would you wear to a casual lunch? To a formal gala event?

casual lunch: shorts na hanggang dito (points to mid-thigh area) para hindi masyadong maikli, flats and a big bag. I always bring a big bag kasi I want to bring everything all the time.

formal gala event: I would always go to Paul Cabral kasi kahit biglaan I could always call him to make a gown for me na I don’t need to fit. Sobrang kasibo na nya yung body ko, tanongin lang nya ako kung tumaba ako o hindi.


1) What’s your most “sacred” or favorite beauty routine?

I used to splurge on expensive moisturizers like La Prairie and Lamer. Kahit mahal, feeling ko, I deserve it naman. Then na-discover ko na hindi pala bagay yun sa lahat ng skin types. Di pala pang mamahalin ang mukha ko. So I just stick to what my derma prescribes. Mas mura pa. [laughs]

2) What beauty product (generic or with a brand) do you swear by?

Yung undereye treatment na galing sa derma ko.

3) Any favorite makeup product you recommend?

RMK na foundation! Kasi gusto ko yung liquid sya ko sya pero hindi nag cra-crack sa weather dito sa Pilipinas. Pang Asian skin sya talaga.

4) How many times are you in the salon in a week?

Once a month lang. Pag mag papa clean ako ng nails or wax, may pupunta sa set na tiga-Flawless.


1) How do you stay in shape?

I go biking around the village hangga’t maari, every other day. Pero minsan, pagod pagod ka sa taping. Actually, taking care of a four year old child and carrying her around the house is enough exercise.

2) Any diet do’s or dont’s?

Before I loved drinking diet soda. Ngayon tinanggal ko sa systema ko yun. I took out beef and pork in my meals, so chicken, fish and veggies na lang. Brown rice. Wheat bread.

But I splurge din. Every Sunday, splurge day namin ni Ry — mula breakfast, lunch, dinner, hanggang midnight snack.

3) Any workout/exercise you swear by? How often do you do it? And why do you like it?

Cooking. I feel like when you cook, most of your muscles are working naman.

It’s [cooking] my passion. I thought my passion was really acting and then I realized that you have to do something for yourself. Sometimes you get burned out kasi from acting. Unlike sa cooking, pwede ka mag-experiment. And, it satisfies my husband and my family. Happyng -happy ako na mag may nanasarapan sa cooking ko.


1) What traits do you admire in a woman?

Pag malakas ang sense of humor. Kapag tomboy-ish ang attacke nya sa buhay. Not “tomboy” ha, pero yun kaya nyang dalhin yun buhay. Yung tulad ni Mylene Dizon, Beth Tamayo and Gladys Reyes. Basically my best friends are like that.

2) What’s your definition of beauty?

When a person is smart enough to face life and its everyday challenges, I think that’s very, very beautiful. A strong personality and confidence.

3) What’s your definition of happiness?

Happiness is when you wake up in the morning and you can not explain why you’re smiling already. Doing something you really love and pleasing everyone else around you and not just yourself.

Doing charity work. I’ve been doing that for the past 15 years and nagtataka sila kung bakit hindi ko pina-pa cover, e kasi hindi naman sya work.

4) When are you most at peace?

When I’m in the kitchen, in the bathroom and when I’m in my bed with my daughter and my husband.

5) What was the last book you read?

Tuesdays with Morrie and Veronica Decides to Die.

Yung Veronica Decides to Die, parang depressed na babae. It’s a self-help book na din, tungkol sa anger and heartbreak. Syempre nung binasa ko yun mga 4 or 6 years ago, heartbroken ako so okay na okay yun. I’m starting a new book now by Mitch Albom, “For One More Day”.

6) What is your favorite role in life and why?

Being a wife a mother and a daughter and a sister. Kung baga, yun real life roles ko yung gusto gusting ko. I can not say I love being a chef kasi I cam not a “chef-chef” yet. I love seeing myself na nagaalaga ng mga tao. I love pampering my mom. I love seeing her smile.

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