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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ryan & Juday’s ‘My Househusband’ paints realistic picture of marriage

MANILA, Philippines – REAL-life couple Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos brings more to the table in their much-anticipated Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) entry, “My Househusband,” than in projects they have topbilled together in the past.
“We’ve been married for two years now so we know exactly what marriage is about, unlike in previous films where it was purely acting,” Ryan said. “Plus we’ve had Yohan and Lucho for quite a time so we can truly say we relate to being parents.”
Produced by OctoArts Films, “My Househusband” is a light comedy about husband and wife who have exchanged roles, at least in the traditional sense. Rod stays and tends to home while Mia earns a living. They deal with various situations in such a set-up.
Ryan points out that the film is no “andres de saya” tweak. “It’s not as if Rod is a ‘yes’ man. He still gets to wear the pants in the family except that he also dons the apron come meal time,” he said.
The cameras have started grinding for “My Househusband.” It is being helmed by the award-winning Jose Javier Reyes with whom Ryan and Juday worked in 2007′s “Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo” and 2008’s “Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo.” Both movies were topgrossers in their respective filmfest seasons creating a lot of excitement for this next franchise from the loveable husband and wife tandem and their favorite director.
The pair is confident that more than entertaining the audience, “My Househusband” would give a realistic idea of what a marriage is like. “You realize that the vow about staying together ‘for better or for worse’ is no lip service,” Ryan said.
Judy Ann rejoined: “If anything, we hope the people would leave the audience enlightened that conflicts actually spice up a marriage if handled correctly. These problems can actually make the husband and wife stronger for their family.”
“My Househusband” under OctoArts Films is an entry to this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival.

SOURCE:  http://www.tempo.com.ph/2011/ryan-juday%E2%80%99s-my-househusband-paints-realistic-picture-of-marriage/

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