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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hollywood actor Michael Madsen wants to work with Judy Ann

Hollywood actor Michael Madsen wants to work with Judy Ann

"Kill Bill" and "Reservoir Dogs" star Michael Madsen is not only willing to do a local movie but he wants to have Judy Ann Santos for his leading lady.
Madsen probably chose Santos because she had worked with Fil-Am director Ace Cruz in the movie "Last Chance." Cruz is also the director of "Outrage" which stars Madsen, along with Natasha Lyonne ("Blade: Trinity"), Michael Berryman ("The Devil's Rejects"), Ken Lesco ("Star Trek") and Cruz himself.
"If that [local movie] happens that would be very nice. I would like to find something to do here or come back or stay here and work on something," he said in an interview held on Aug. 13, a day before the Manila premiere of "Outrage."
If not Santos, then Madsen would like to be paired up either with French actress Juliette Binoche or American actress Cameron Diaz.
Although Madsen had already done a movie in the Philippines via Pinoy director Cirio H. Santiago's "Road Raiders" two years ago, he looks forward to doing another with Cruz, whom he considers "a genius" and heir-apparent to Santiago.
"Ace has been trying very hard to get his movies out there. You know, there were times he asked me to do things but I couldn't do them and I wasn't available always. Coming over here makes me think how lucky I am to be in this industry in the first place. That our film kinda have its afterlife and it got here in the Philippines," Madsen said.
The Hollywood actor says he loves the Filipinos.
"Everybody's very, very kind. It's really amazing. I think you are more spiritual people."
He recounts an anecdote about his trip to Manila.
"While at the Los Angeles Airport on my way here, a group of 20 people who introduced themselves as Filipinos approached me and asked to have their photo taken with me and they were all excited. They said they have heard and read all about my coming here, thanks to Ace I suppose, and they all looked excited. That was such a thrill. It felt good that the Filipinos know of my visit, and you actually expect me in your country," he said.
Madsen has been so happy with his visits in Manila that he has no qualms settling down here if the opportunity presents itself.
"If I'll have a good job [here] then I would love to bring my five boys with me. I'd love to buy a house here and give it to them some day," he said.
Like many foreigners, Madsen plans to take a quick trip to Boracay to see the sights and enjoy drinking lambanog in some of the bars there.
"Ace told me how beautiful the place is. I just hope I still have time to go there. I'm pretty sure I will enjoy the place," said Madsen, who will return to the US on Aug. 27
"Outrage" tells the story of a vacation gone wrong for friends in the remote woods of Northern Georgia. Eventually, a medicine healer reveals that one of the characters' fears drew the nightmare upon them.
The film won the Best SciFi Picture Award at the Action on Film (AOF) International Festival held in Pasadena in 2009. It was also screened at the most recent Cannes Film Festival Awards.
"Outrage" will be released in video format in September.

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