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Monday, June 6, 2011

While trying to lose weight following childbirth, Judy Ann Santos faces TVC cameras, which don’t seem to mind whether she’s slim or not. Juday’s current endorsements are mostly for family audiences, justifying her current state of physical abundance.
Heard that Judy Ann’s next account is a hot dog brand, wherein she’ll be joined by her husband Ryan Agoncillo and her daughter, Yohan in a series of endorsements.
Meanwhile, Judy Ann’s endorsement of Del Monte Pineapple has reportedly widened reach of the brand, famous for enhancing the taste of everyday Pinoy dishes like adobo. Juday says Del Monte Pineapple also has recipes for Pork Humba, Pancit, Guisado and a lot more to which you can add Del Monte Pineapple.
Incidentally, Judy Ann comes back to TV by way of a reality show,  “Junior Master Chef,” which she will host very soon on channel 2. GMA, however, has jumped the gun on the cooking contest show for children by launching “Amazing Cooking Kids,” hosted by Carmina Villaroel, much ahead of competition.

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