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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Judy Ann Santos on being Jamby’s ‘folly’: 'I was deeply hurt'

Judy Ann Santos on being Jamby’s ‘folly’: 'I was deeply hurt'

February 16, 2010, 4:52pm

Actress Judy Ann Santos admits she was “deeply hurt” with the recent statement made by Sen. Maria Ana Consuelo "Jamby" Madrigal about the use of actors in election campaigns being “an insult to the Filipino intelligence.”

"Honestly...[I was hurt] with the words she used [and how she said] she regrets getting my services... Of course, I am not callous. I got hurt because I really believed she got my services [then] because she actually believed in me and it was a sincere offer," Judy Ann said.

Madrigal made her statement at the "Inquirer First Edition: Presidential Debates," organized by the Philippine Daily Inquirer and co-sponsored by Globe Telecom and the UP College of Mass Communication.

Without naming Santos, a celebrity she enlisted during her senatorial campaign in 2004, the re-electionist senator was quoted as saying thus: "I have seen the folly of my ways... I will not repeat [getting a celebrity endorser] because I do not believe you [must] repeat a mistake. But I also don't believe you should perpetuate lies that are perpetuated by a big budget."

Santos said she respects Madrigal’s opinion.

“I won’t prevent [her from sharing her opinion] nor will I pick a fight [with her], or even answer [the seeming challenge] as if I have no sense of gratitude. I am an educated person."

Asked how she found herself supporting Madrigal, who was then widely perceived as a mere unknown running solely on big bucks, Santos gave a succinct answer.

“I thought that it's okay. We were friends and she belongs to the same party as that of my Tatay Ron [the late Fernando Poe, Jr.]."

Santos denied it was all about the money. Madrigal reportedly paid her a hefty sum to appear in ads and join in political sorties.

“[My career] is not all about money. It’s not as if because I am from show business, there’s always money involved [with the services I give], no. Not all actors are the same. Please don’t lump us all in the same boat. It’s like saying that we weren’t brought up properly, schooled properly…and that we will only act, do something, when we get paid.”

Santos said she does not regret campaigning for the former senatorial candidate.

“I did it because I believed in her. It's just that, [I didn’t realize] she didn’t believe in me."

“Maybe before one endorses a politician, it is best that one should get to really know them first.”

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with DZMM, Madrigal clarified her stand on the matter saying she did not regret getting Santos' service during the 2004 senatorial campaign.

She made it clear that she is grateful for the part Santos played in that election, which allowed her to win a seat in the august halls of the senate.

Madrigal said she already thanked Santos personally twice—right after winning in 2004 and before announcing her candidacy for the May 2010 polls.

As to making a statement that decried the use of celebrity endorsers, Madrigal said she was simply emphasizing the need for people to focus more on the candidates' actual plans or platforms.

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