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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Judy Ann learns the hard way!

Judy Ann learns the hard way!

judy ann santos“Kung mayroon man akong ikakampanya, I will make it in my own silent way na lang,” says Judy Ann Santos when asked if she will endorse again a political candidate for this year’s national election. Like a true expert on the issue, she said this during the launch of Lactacyd feminine wash “Only trust the experts” campaign slogan as its endorser.

Judy Ann had learned her lesson about political endorsement the hard way. She hesitates to discuss the issue between her and Sen. Jamby Madrigal who is now running as an independent candidate for President, “Ayaw ko ng magsalita kasi po lalaki pa, pag-uusapan pa ang isyu tungkol sa amin.”

Despite her busy schedule, Judy Ann finds time to head the Touch A Heart Foundation. It addresses the educational and agricultural needs of a community of Aetas in Bataan, and provides medical supplies for a hospital in Cuyo Island, Palawan. The young woman is a wonder in time management as on top of all these, she sees to it that she spends quality time with her family.

One can say Judy Ann is true expert, which is why she trusts only the experts! When it comes to her work, she always requests certain people with whom she deals with whenever she has a project.

Three of her favorite experts are Juan Sarte for makeup, Paul Cabral for dresses, and Raymond Isaac for photos. These three experts were responsible for her transformation that is why she is very loyal to them and requests for their services given the chance.

If anyone can claim to have touched and madeup almost all the beautiful faces in local showbiz and prominent society women, it would be Juan Sarte. He is the makeup artist almost always requested by women for important events like shoots and weddings. If one will check the makeup credits for magazine cover shoots, one would most likely see his name.

For clothes that are classic and elegant, one name that always comes to Judy Ann’s mind is Paul Cabral. His atelier is like a second home to many celebrities and icons like the late former Pres. Cory Aquino. Any local high-profile event would always have someone wearing a Paul Cabral gown.

For years, the name Raymond Isaac has been top of mind when it comes to photography. A sought after photographer for print and advertising, Raymond has mounted a number of exhibits and has won in international photography contests.

It cannot be stressed enough that feminine hygiene is a very important and delicate matter for every woman. That is why Judy Ann’s careful choice is her brand of feminine hygiene, Lactacyd. She pitches, “Kaya dapat sa expert lang nagtitiwala. Alagang expert, alagang Lactacyd everyday.

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