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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Judy Ann drama series’ jinx finally over?

Judy Ann drama series’ jinx finally over?

judy ann santos“Habang May Buhay,” a Judy Ann Santos and Derek Ramsey drama series starrer, is set to pilot on Feb. 1. Three years in the making, it had as many changes in storyline, title, director and cast members. From “Narserye,” it became “Humingi Ako ng Langit,” and finally “Habang May Buhay.” With so many setbacks and costing ABS-CBN investors multi-millions, it was believed to be a jinx project.

Will Devaughn was supposed to be the lead actor but Derek Ramsey and Joem Bascon eventually replaced him. Will can just laugh because he was not able to accept a lot of shows only to end up in the series as a minor character.

Will’s special appearance in the dancing inmates video has made him a hotspot celebrity (CLICK
HERE for details). He was taken in by chance. His manager Dondon Monteverde’s production house was contracted by producer Sony Pictures to film the “They Don’t Care About Us” music video. Dondon tagged him along and that was when long-time Michael Jackson choreographer Travis Payne spotted him and asked to join in.

Will is finishing his solo debut CD this end of Feb. Taping of “Gimicks 2010” in which he’s a cast member was moved to March. Will is wishing for new projects with ABS-CBN. The are suggestions to screen the “They Don’t Care About Us”music video at the forthcoming Grammy Awards.

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