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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sam earns praise for good acting


MANILA, Philippines - Sam Milby (photo) has earned the praise of both fans and critics in portraying a flawed character in the ABS-CBN TV series, Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala.

Shrieks turn into applauses once audiences have realized that what they’re seeing is Sam playing Eros, putting aside his boy-next-door image.

Praises come abound on Twitter acknowledging his portrayal of rich kid Eros who treats his partner with a mix of warm embrace and iron fist. That he is acting opposite Judy Ann Santos, who plays the battered wife Anessa, is proof that he can perform well.

“Tama yan Sam, say bye bye na to boy-next-door roles. You are really a good actor so say hi na to more mature and serious roles,” stated a casual remark.

Others obviously can’t resist looking at his antagonist character with that tickling touch of super fan excitement like this one: “We hate Eros really, but we still love Sam Milby!”

When people love to hate a dark character, it only means the actor behind it is doing something bright.

“I can say that the desire to grow has never been this great,” Sam recently told reporters when discussing about his challenging role he initially describes as “heavy.”

Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala replaced Ina Kapatid Anak when it premiered on ABS-CBN last June 17. KC Concepcion and John Estrada also star in the series about the plight of women thrust into a difficult marriage.

Sam’s turn as Eros is practically a watershed moment for him as it might lead to more meaty role offers in the future. Not that he is completely moving away from light romance flicks, but because he has more to offer as an actor.

His versatility, exemplified by his achievements in music and related ventures, speaks more for his acting craft as he also stars in Star Cinema’s Four Sisters and a Wedding and in the Adolfo Alix-directed indie film Death March. The latter was an entry to the Cannes Film Festival where Sam plays a US soldier forced to participate in the infamous Bataan Death March.

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