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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Judy Ann on how she disciplines her kids


Judy Ann Santos says positive reinforcement works well with her children Yohan and Lucho. Eunice Blanco
MANILA, Philippines – Being a mom is Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo’s favorite role at the moment.
Being hands-on with her children Yohan and Lucho, Juday said she found the real reason for her everyday smiles and contentment in life.
Yet, she and husband Ryan Agoncillo are not the type who spoil their kids, no matter how fond they are to them. At the same time, they’re not very strict.
What they do instead is  practice positive reinforcement or that act where you discipline your kids without punishing or scolding them.
In a recent interview, Judy Ann explained how she and Ryan discipline their kids.
May mga exchange naman kami ng pagdidisiplinaHindi naman namin sila malimitahan kasi the more na nililimitahan mo ‘yong bata, the more silang nagtatago sa ‘yo at hindi mo talaga malalaman ano ba talaga ginagawa nila.
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“So alamin natin ano talaga gusto nilang gawin tapos himayin natin, bawasan natin nang unti-untiwag bigla.”
They also don’t impose certain rules on what their kids should and shouldn’t do whether inside or outside their house.
Yet, they base their disciplinary method on how weighty their child’s mistake is.
“We just depend on what happens. And at the same time, we can’t say kasi na pwedeng mamalo ng bata, na puwedeng hindi kami mag-scold ng bata kasi it really depends kung ano ang sitwasyon.”
It is inevitable for kids to commit mistakes, Judy Ann said. What’s important is you have enough time for your kids to guide them in their growing years.

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